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Asia Business And Technology Academy


Dr. V.Howe Yap

Lecturer of Branding / Planning / Finance

√     Chief Operating Officer (COO) of XINLIWANG International Holdings Co Ltd

√     Principal Director of Development Planning & Statistics, West African Economic

       and Trade Cooperation Association (WAETC)

√     Principal Director of Development Planning & Statistics, World Royal

       Peace Council Union

√     Vice President of Asia Media International

√     Vice President of Junior Chamber International Chamber (JCI) of

       Commerce and Industry

√     Appraiser of British International Auctions Ltd.

√     Business Strategist of British Victoria Jewelry Co., Ltd.

√     Master’s in Applied Design & Art, Shu-Te University of Science

       and Technology, Taiwan ( A & D )

√     International Certified Appraiser

Dr. V.Howe Yap was previously invited to visit Thailand, Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and Africa to participate in development studies and research seminars and multinational royal meetings, where he proposed "Royal Economics" which was focused on the World Royal Peace Council Alliance, by gathering ancient royal families to revitalize the "imperial economy". The committee's vision is uniting a global royal influence, inheriting the history of the emperor, strengthening the royal image through diplomatic relations of the emperors, establishing an international bridge, and enhancing royal influence. Gradually, this will promote the development of a new economic business model branded as the "royal economy."

Ten years ago, he started his own marketing and branding strategy using the influence of ASEAN, royalty and awards to coach various large and small companies, in which contributed to his global business experience. In 2016, he left a great impact in transforming traditional media businesses onto the digital platform among several countries in Southeast Asia. Such strategic transformation had allowed these industries to even cross borders via the online world. In recent years, he entered the education industry to integrate various industries with the media. He became the CEO and also the lecturer for Digital Marketing in Dam Solutions Sdn Bhd. Establishing a distinctive business field,  he has trained and led many high-level marketing/media personnel in the industry.

He is also committed to reshape countries that have poor living standards and lack of resources. Recognizing the international trends, West Africa requires the development of various industries to revitalize the country's economy. Therefore, he was appointed by the The Embassy of Gambia as the Director of the National Development Planning Department to assist the country by formulating the “Top Ten Development” plan, which includes industrial factories, Smart City, new/alternative energy development, port expansion, etc.

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