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Asia Business And Technology Academy


EeQi Mong

Lecturer of Media / Publicity 

√     Chief Information Officer (CIO) of XINLIWANG International Holdings Co Ltd


√     General Manager cum Editor-in-Chief of Asia Times magazine

√     Principal Director of Communications & Multimedia of West African Economic

       and Trade Cooperation Association

√     Principal Director of Communications and Multimedia of World Peace Council

√     Financial Appraiser of British International Auctions Ltd.

√     Member of JCI Cultural Youth Entrepreneurship

√     Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Marketing

√     Editor-in-Chief cum Chief Curator of Phoenix Spirit Magazine

√     Editor-in-Chief of Jasmine Magazine

√     Sport Manager of Judo Southeast Asian Games 2017

In this era of advancement, EeQi Mong has always been actively seeking for the latest information from various industries to use them as marketing and promotional tools. Experiencing in different walks of life with the increasing expansion of network and connections, she has also managed to beneficially extract and interpret such information into knowledge. Besides, she was previously involved in large-scale marketing planning for international brands such as P&G’s new product launches, Guinness Black Party, Unilever’s events, Golden Dragon Awards’ ceremony and many more.

Over the years, she has accumulated multiple experiences namely involving in cross-border marketing and promotions from tourism and cultural education industries, establishing traditional media and online media platforms, creating information processing systems, involving in live broadcasting and filming production. In Southeast Asia, the power of media and the Internet generated a new image for many female entrepreneurs, in which indirectly influenced more women to be more proactive and connected with industrial information and development such as jewelry industry, high-end health products for women, cosmetics, bird's nest essence, etc. This has been depicted evidently in investment evaluation, which presented her a great honour and recognition. In 2017, she was honored to be elected as the Sport Manager for the sports Judo in the Malaysian Southeast Asian Games. Recently, she has been assisting several listed companies in media promotions and branding. Keeping pace with the times, information gathering can only be beneficial to support and plan the organization's work to become more inclusive.

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